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  • Peter Preskar

    Peter Preskar

    History junkie.

  • Janice Bae

    Janice Bae

    I enjoy writing about society and culture, especially of the internet variety.

  • Gaya Branderhorst

    Gaya Branderhorst

  • Nolan Gray

    Nolan Gray

    the once and future city planner // AICP // @UCLAluskin // kentuckian in california

  • Fareeha Arshad

    Fareeha Arshad

    Scientist | History Nerd | Writer | Learner | Reader | https://findingfareeha.substack.com/ | arshadfareeha86@gmail.com | Running my own race since ‘95.

  • Thoughts And Ideas

    Thoughts And Ideas

    for people who think

  • Lyam Thomas Christopher

    Lyam Thomas Christopher

    An author, learning specialist, and freediver, Lyam has been a dedicated, practicing Hermeticist for over twenty-five years.

  • Steve Phillips / @elimisteve

    Steve Phillips / @elimisteve

    Founder of EffectiveAF: enabling secure, large-scale human coordination. Programmer. Thinker. Creator. I love democratizing forces and revolutionary projects.

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