Why we Need a New World Order

There’s a chance reading this title might inflame you. “A New World Order?” you might think, “Isn’t that the plan for the total tyrannical takeover of the world by the global elites?”

According to this analysis, which some might call a “conspiracy theory,” a secret plan has been in the works for ages to create a totalitarian one world government. Proponents of this theory say global elites have been conspiring to bring the world into a dystopian climax by finalizing plans to destroy national sovereignty, implement a global surveillance network, depopulate a majority of the planet, and have the remaining survivors live as slaves of the global elite who will rule the planet in perpetuity. They cite the creation of central banks and international organizations like the League of Nations and the United Nations as historical precursors to the Final Plan, which has been generations in the making.

This narrative has been around for a while, but it’s gained increased attention since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, causing a global economic collapse, and a sense among many a “conspiracy theorist” that this crisis will be used as a pretext to collapse national currencies leading to create a new global digital currency, subdue the power of nation states for a global consolidation, suspend civil liberties, marshal the population into internment camps and force a vaccine and microchip into everyone.

Before you jump to conclusions that I’m a “conspiracy theorist” at best, or, at worst, a shill for advocating for this dystopia (I’m not), consider this. I’m saying we need “a” New World Order, not “the” New World Order.

In other words, I’m advocating that things need to radically change in the world for the better, but definitely not that it should be a global tyranny lorded over by self-serving elites.

Imagine if you’d never heard of the conspiracy theory version of this phrase- it would be benign sounding, or neutral at worst. It just means the order of things are different in the world. Whenever geopolitics has been realigned by the rises and falls of great powers, like that of Napoleon, or the dethroning of China’s hegemony by the West and its 21st century comeback, or the beginning and end of the Cold War- or when a radical new idea like Islam, Protestantism, Communism or Nazism sweep a region and alters the balance of the world- these are, in a sense, all ‘new world orders.’ So to have knee-jerk contempt or fear of that phrase is an irrational rejection of a fact of history- things change.

There are deeply pernicious implications to this aversion for ‘the new.’ On an unconscious level, it engenders an inherent paranoia against progress. It seeks safety in the status-quo. Cui bono? If you profited off the status quo, it would be in your interest to program a status quo-preserving impulse in the masses, wouldn’t it? What better way than the equation: New World Order=Evil Dystopia. In other words, keep everything as it is, because the alternative is hell.

The collective consciousness is a victim of a mind-hack and it needs to be deconstructed. The phrase “New World Order” has been made synonymous with a very specific narrative- with an extremely negative interpretation. This has a chilling effect on critical thinking. Now, when most people hear the phrase “New World Order,” they have an immediate, emotional knee jerk reaction in one of two ways- they see it as a “ridiculous conspiracy theory” or believe it actually pertains to an evil, pernicious conspiracy fact. Where’s the nuance?

As it’s been, business-as-usual has been wars, dangerous ideologies, subjugation by privileged elites, tyrannies, exploitation, ecological destruction, vapid consumer culture, and sub-par education for most. This has been true of the world to this very day.

The fact is, the world is run by a small group of powerful and wealthy interests. Their self-interested greed and ambitions are limitless, so they are indeed constantly conspiring to expand their power and wealth. This is not new. This is old. Should those interests continue to see success with that mission at further cost to the well-being of the masses to the degree that things get markedly worse, then this specific “new world order” would simply be a total solidification of an “old world order.”

Now, imagine a positive global political, economic, cultural, and consciousness revolution that ushers in an enlightened new era where all those problems are solved- where this revolution brings about a world of healthy and rational psyches, an end to pointless greed-fueled wars, smart, progressive governments, an ecologically regenerative economy, a cultural renaissance and a top of the line education for everyone, and an end to the intergenerational power of privileged elites. That would look nothing like our current world…it would be true New World Order!

Language is powerful. The words we use have unconscious effects on our psyches and our assumptions about ourselves and the world. That’s why positive self-talk builds confidence in ourselves, and that’s why inspirational leaders bring people hope by painting vivid pictures of what could be.

A positive New World Order has already been described and depicted in our pop-culture. Star Trek takes place in the 23rd century, following humanity’s epic disasters and wars in the 21st century. Out of that chaos, Earth united, wars and famines ended, a global altruistic and reason-based culture emerged. The acquisition of knowledge overcame greed. Then humanity “graduated” into its next phase of evolution to begin exploring the cosmos as an advanced intelligent species. Could Star Trek be more profound than many people realize?

So lets take back the narrative. Let’s start defining the pernicious interests of the world as the “Old World Order.” This hopeful language will positively psychologically program ourselves and our peers to assume that the days are numbered for global evil and a more enlightened future is ahead of us. Let’s make a laundry list of everything humanity needs to solve, and assume that when that list is completed, we will have reached the “New World Order,” one that’s on our terms.

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