One of history’s first great demagogues was Julius Caesar, a super-rich patrician, born into extreme privilege, who presented himself as the champion of the plebeians (the workers), and spoke about how much he loved the military and the veterans, law and order, the traditional gods, the greatness of Rome (“make Rome great again”). He blamed the “Deep State” (the elite members of the Roman Senate) for Rome’s woes of the era and posed as the Strong Man solution, the man come to drain the swamp of the elite’s corruption. When he famously crossed the Rubicon with his army — “the die is cast” — he provoked civil war. The Roman Senate sent its army under the great general Pompey to stop Caesar. Caesar proved victorious. He demanded and got lifetime powers as a dictator (an individual granted emergency powers to rule as he saw fit). Even that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to abolish the Roman Republic and become the Roman king. His naked ambition prompted many Senators, led by Brutus and Cassius, to plot his assassination to save the Republic. Caesar was killed on the Ides of March. A new civil war then erupted, which ended with the dissolution of the Roman Republic. Augustus Caesar became the first Emperor of Rome, thus fulfilling Julius Caesar’s original ambition.

Donald Trump is unquestionably on the “Caesar spectrum”. He has a very similar narcissistic, entitled psyche. Both men were, to their supporters, incredibly charismatic. Trump’s “conquests” came in the business arena (in real estate and then Reality TV). Caesar was a genuinely brilliant general.

Caesar was able to do much more than Trump — and directly attempt the overthrow of the Republic — because he had a superb army backing him up. Trump has however built a very large “movement”. It’s not the Republican Party — no such thing exists any longer — it’s his personal cult.

Trumpanzees voted for Trump — the person — not any political party. Genuine members of the Republican Party left the Trump cult and actually campaigned against Trump in order to save their party. But their party is lost. The Republicans are finished. There will never be another Republican president. Despite Trump’s vast support, Biden beat him with millions more votes (the most in American history), yet no one could claim that anyone was genuinely enthused by Biden. He won because he wasn’t Trump, not because he was Biden. If a hopeless Democrat, not far off eighty years old, can get the most votes in history, when will the Republicans ever win again? Imagine a charismatic Democrat. They would win by an unprecedented landslide. The demographics have moved decisively and irrevocably against the Republicans.

Everyone knows that it’s game over for the Republicans. Even the Republicans knew it when they made Trump their leader. He was their final rage against the dying of the light. He gave his followers one last hurrah when they were able to unashamedly spew out all their supremacism, racism, sexism, homophobia, evangelical Christian mania, extremist nationalism and patriotism, and so. The literally deranged QAnon conspiracy theory could only have flourished under someone like Trump, himself a natural and eager conspiracy theorist, with a profoundly paranoid psyche, believing that everyone is “out to get him” — when in fact he is the monster, the predator, out to get anyone who ever gets in his way.

If you want to know what America is about to endure over the next number of years, you need to study Oswald Spengler’s “The Decline of the West”. The conservative civilization of the USA is being dismantled, and this is driving conservatives insane and desperate. Trump — a monstrous bully — was the man the conservatives and libertarians chose as their champion, but now he’s finished too.

The conservatives won’t now gracefully exit the stage. They will get more and more angry and violent, and everything else follows from that. Rome’s history will become America’s history. It already has. The Caesars are already on stage, and American has more guns than people.

The future of America will now revolve around a succession of wannabe Trumps coming forward, and becoming increasingly far right, until they are actively advocating Hitlerism, almost certainly couched in the language of End Times Christianity. What the far-right lacks is an actual army, such as Caesar had. One of the new Trumps will eventually succeed in uniting the countless far-right militias under one banner. Then a bloody civil war is inevitable.

The monsters have been unleashed. They won’t go away. When a system has become as profoundly polarized as the USA — where each side has declared holy war on the other — there’s simply no way back to normality until the issue is brought to a resolution.

The American civil war had to resolve the issue of slavery once and for all. The forthcoming second civil war has to resolve the issue of American culture once and for all. America, throughout its history, has been a conservative, Christian nation. Since the 1960s, it has become much more liberal and the power of Christianity is collapsing, creating an Apocalyptic paranoia in the people of faith. One need only take a look at Jordan Peterson’s video, and those of the other far-right rabble rousers in whose circles he moves — to see their detestation of EVERYTHING associated with the new liberal culture, which they regard as the end of everything they value and the end of civilization. It certainly does stand for the end of THEIR civilization and their reign.

Conservative, reactionary culture has been getting voted out of office for the last seventy years, and now its final demise is imminent, meaning that its capacity for violence to turn back the tide of history is reaching its maximum. The seventy million individuals that voted Trump are the far-right army — very heavily armed — that just needs a Hitler to push them over the edge. Trump, when he’s out of office and running an alternative administration on Twitter, and always bemoaning how the election was “stolen” from him, could easily become that Hitler, or he may prove the John the Baptist for the bigger monster to come.

You’re in for the ride of your lives!

[Note: This is not the author’s original work, but a repost from here]

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